Tester interview questions and answers are completely based on the interview I and my friends attended during last years of working experience as Quality Assurance Testers. These SQA questions and scenarios are based only on real experience and were asked during actual QA interviews. Therefore, QA Tester who is looking for a Quality Assurance job will greatly benefit from this. If you are the first time job seeker as a QA Tester, then it can help you even better. Finally, if you are plant to attend an interview, you have to know these questions and answers by heart and must be very smooth in answering these questions. Practice in front of the friends or just a mirror, speak loud and clear. Most of the time, when you study the questions, you feel fine and feel relaxed, but the reality is, at the time of the actual interview, even though you feel you have the knowledge, cannot express it well. It may sound a little rough, but this is everyone’s hard experience. When you come out the interview door, you are deeply regretted. If you cannot remember these by heart, believe me, it may not work. Readers are welcome to post own questions and answers to the following SQA interview questions.

Scrum interview questions for QA tester

Agile software development is all around testers, so how about compiling together the list of interview questions for Agile Tester! This list will be not in any particular order, but just the random thought about things QA Manager should ask while hiring a software tester for Agile project which uses Scrum framework.

How many core roles has Scrum?

There are three core roles representing the scrum team:

Product Owner

The Product Owner represents the stakeholders and is the voice of the customer

Development Team

The Development Team is responsible for delivering potentially shippable product increments at the end of each Sprint

Scrum Master

Scrum is facilitated by a Scrum Master, who is accountable for removing impediments to the ability of the team to deliver the sprint goal/deliverables.

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